Are you looking for ways to get SMARTER about YOUR Mortgage

Hi, I'm Rachael Thompson.  I can help you answer your questions about getting SMARTER about YOUR mortgage.

It's about dispelling the myths that surround the mortgage process and giving you the tools to help you understand it and assist you in planning your long term financial future. 

Learn how to pre-approve yourself for a mortgage

  • How Much Can I Get?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?​

​Learn how to choose the best lender for you

  • Can I get the best rate through you?
  • Can I change my mind?
  • Can you make it easy for me?​

Learn how to create a loan structure that suits you

  • Are my loans flexible?
  • Are my repayments certain?
  • Are my debt repayment plans achievable?  ​

​Learn how to review your current mortgage

  • Will you help me change my fixed loan?
  • Will you help me plan for my future?
  • Will you get me the best deal?​

HI Rachael, I can't begin to describe how grateful we are for your help. We came in basically blind to the process and you have guided us through every step of the way.  There were a few stressful days throughout the process and you tactfully dragged us through it. I'm not sure how this all would have gone without you.  Once again, thank you thank you thank you.  Kind Regards

Kierran and Jaimee


To approve yourself you enter your Property purchase price,  Deposit amount, Then it calculates how much loan you need (LVR).

It then calculates how much loan you need (LVR) as well as calculates whether your income is enough to get the debt servicing ratio right (DSR)


Enter your name and email address to download our APPROVE YOURSELF form and get started on your numbers!


Use the formulas and calculator to pre-approve yourself, work out your Lending to Value and Debt Servicing Ratio’s and understand your financial position, all you will need is:

  • Purchase price
  • Deposit
  • Income

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